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Please do not try to trade me standard cards for eternal staples unless there's a big premium. The exception is standard cards that are currently used in Modern (e.g. Thoughtseize).

Similarly, multiple cheap cards for a more expensive card should come with a premium. I am open to trades of any value, including bulk for bulk.

I care about card condition, especially for ones valued above $10. Please be very honest about this. A guide can be found below:


For trades with four or fewer cards, I ship within a top-loader. For five or more cards, I put them into penny sleeves, then sandwich between two top-loaders.

I typically send in an envelope for trades under $15. For higher value trades, I use a bubble mailer with tracking. You can always request this for smaller trades, then I will expect you to do the same.

If you have feedback of less than 20, I may ask you to ship first.
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