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Hi all, I'm looking for cards for my cube. I prefer standard English versions of everything. I am also happy to trade for SP or MP cards as long as you let me know and value accordingly. I will likewise let you know if any of my cards are not NM.

I love a fair trade! If you're looking for that killer deal or doing pack to power or something, please look elsewhere as our trades probably won't pan out.

To propose a trade that I will accept with minimal haggling, match the total value within 5% or so (the default here is tcg_medium and it's fine to use that but I will probably check motl values too). Also, avoid big uptrades! If you want to uptrade your small stuff for a few bigger things, I'll consider it if you give me substantial extra value. And vice versa, I will give you extra value if you want to downtrade something. I will also take into account the likelihood of a card to hold value (e.g., eternal staples vs. T2).

Thanks! Have fun.
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