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Ephix Games (Gerv055)
Netherlands - Noord-Holland - Amsterdam
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Twitter: @Gerv055
WhatsApp: +353 83 199 60 80
Since 2005.

// The Main Pillars of Buying from EphixGames:
=> Returning Users Get 10% OFF PERMANENTLY; No Questions Asked.
=> Strict Grading; Sometimes I think something is SP while you think it is NM!
=> <24h Dispatch Time; Nobody likes waiting!
=> Swift Communication; If you have a problem, you want it fixed NOW!
=> Experience; I have done this for >5 years on other Platforms

// Shipping
I have three simple rates:
[Cheap] - $1.99 up to 14 cards, Plain White Envelop (PWE) and No Tracking.
[Bubble] - $4.99 up to 99 cards. Bubble Mailer and No Tracking
[Insured] - $7.49 up to 99 cards. Bubble Mailer with Track/Trace Code and Insurance.

// Shipping Times (Hypersonic DragonPost Ltd.)
A lot of my customers mentioned that my shipments arrive quickly but don't worry if yours come a bit later, the following are general guidelines:
[Europe] - Up to 5 business days.
[North America] - Up to 10 business days.
[Australia/Asia] - Up to 12 business days.

// Restrictions
[Italy] - I only ship Insured ($6.99) to your address, I apologize for this measure.
[Chile] - I only ship Insured ($6.99) to your address, I apologize for this measure.

// Buying Cards
I might be able to buy cards from you, just send me a message and we can have a look!

// Looking for a particular card?
Feel free to shoot me a message and with the indicated price you want to pay for. I will let you know within 12 hours. The worst I can say is ''No Sorry =(''!

// Cancellations, Refunds etc.
Sometimes I happen to sell a card quicker somewhere else than on Deckbox (Surprisingly). I will communicate with you about it and offer a refund or extra credit on top.

I do reserve the right to cancel any order if I have reason to believe an order might be fraudulent, used for non-legitimate purposes or for any other reason.

= Updated: 23-06-2017 =
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Dark Ascension - Intro Pack - Relentless Dead -
1 for sale @ $21.99

Mirrodin Besieged - Intro Pack - Path of Blight -
1 for sale @ $21.99

Dark Ascension - Intro Pack - Grave Power -
1 for sale @ $19.99

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