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Andrew Riemer (HikingStick)
United States - Minnesota - Winsted
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I don't have a lot of time for mail trading right now, and do most of my trades in person at my FLGS or within my play group. I have many demands on my time, and WILL NOT be on this site daily. Don't start a trade if you need it for this week's FNM or some coming weekend tournament.


Below are my guidelines. I may make exceptions, but don't expect a positive response to an initial offer if you start outside these guidelines.

Valuable Lands/Fetches
I won't trade these away for a bunch of smaller stuff, so don't start your offer that way. If I add them to an offer, that's a different story. In general, I'll trade lands I have for ones I need.

Trade Value (Trade-up/Trade-down)
If you want one $20 card from me, but are offering multiple cards of lesser value, plan to add a little extra value on your side. I'll do the same if it is tipped the other way. We'll work out exact values in the trade chat. As an example, if you offer me two $10 cards for a $20 one, I may not want anything else. If offering me four $5 cards for the same $20 card, I will expect to see some additional value.

Because the Deckbox Marketplace prices can vary significantly from other prices (like TCG Player midpoint), I reserve the right to validate prices using other sites and services. You are welcome to do the same. I find this only significantly impacts trades with specific chase caards, or trades with higher dollar totals.

Value + Margin Traders
I can understand some of you wanting to run your trades like a business (only trading up/for a profit), but if that's the case, I'm not interested. Each side of a trade incurs expenses. Why should you profit at your partner's expense. Establish a seller account and enjoy.

The Standard Trap
Just because values are presently equal does not mean they will remain that way, especially if one side's cards are chase rares in Standard that will likely drop after rotation. We can negotiate specifics in the trad chat.

Trade Score - Notes
0 - I will not trade (unless I know you in real life)
1-10 - I will review your feedback and limit trade value (<$7). YOU SHIP FIRST.
10-20 - I will limit trade value (<$20)
21+ - Generally no restrictions

IF YOUR FEEDBACK IS LESS THAN 100% POSITIVE, I will review your trade feedback and will let you know whether or not we will proceed. I MAY ASK YOU TO SHIP FIRST, REGARDLESS OF YOUR CURRENT TRADE SCORE.

I may relax the rules after we've traded successfully a couple of times.
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