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Arturo (Hydigomed)
United States - California
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Hi there. Looking for foils for EDH and all sorts of odds and ends. If I have something you want, go ahead and send me a trade request, even if you have nothing on my wishlist (I know its small). I'll look through any list.

I'm looking for local and COTUS trades. I will send trades with tracking most of the time unless they are very low amounts. I have a decent amount of foreign foils that I do mark up a bit. Always willing to negotiate on these.

I am someone who cares about condition. If you are someone who is lazy and thinks Moderately Played cards are Near Mint and I receive cards not in a stated condition even after I ask you to confirm condition, do not bother sending me a trade request. Too many people on this site think it's okay to send bent and dented cards and surface scratched cards as NM and see nothing wrong with the card. I understand mistakes can happen and that is perfectly understandable but if you don't bother to check even after asking you to confirm, don't trade with me please.

Would like to trade the foil fetches I have on my tradelist into their regular counterpart + value.

Largest trade to date on deckbox:


- A lot of PWEs that have been sent towards me have gone missing so if you open a trade request, please have it be $25+. I don't want anyone else's cards get lost in the mail. I've had 3 that have not shown up after a month+ of waiting.  IF YOU STILL SEND A TRADE REQUEST WITH LESS THAN $25 YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THIS RISK.
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