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United States - New Jersey - Livingston
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01-Jul-2020 12:58
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Hello! 你好!

I have been playing on and off since '99. Open to trade for everything listed on my wish list.  If you see something you want that I don't have listed on my trades, let me know. I like to collect older strange cards and foreign cards, preferably Chinese, Mandarin or traditional. Also, I like to collect anything from the Lorwyn/Morningtide block and anything from the first Innistrad block, even bulk common and uncommon chaf and tokens and lands.

Oh and I collect Grizzly Bears and/or anything "bear" creature type.

Cards I have but not listing on my inventory because I got too many junk offers: Lake of the Dead and Wooded Foothills (Khans of Tarkir).

I have a ton of tokens and basic lands from across the games history, so if you need anything either token or basics, let me know.

Terms of shipping, anything 20 and under I intend to ship PWE if its not extremely high value.
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