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Brock Pulling (Islanzadi38)
United States - Alabama - Wetumpka
380 (98%)  - 
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22-Feb-2024 16:38
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United States
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MTG Market
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Hello All!!

Anything on my tradelist is up for trade. If you are buying and see a card listed at a higher price than you think it is worth, I may have missed it in my monthly price checks or there may have been a recent fluctuation. Please feel free to message me about it and we can review it together. I have no problem adjusting prices to sell or trade fairly.

I pay for most of my postage with PayPal, but if your trade is less then $10 I may request to ship via PWE to save on shipping costs.

If you see something I have that you want but don't have anything on my wishlist, that's fine. Just propose a trade and I will go through your tradelist and pick out close to equal value. I don't mind trading up, down, or across on card values as long as the totals are close to the same. If you want a bunch of cards I have and want to give me one or two cards that are same value I'm fine with that. I am also willing to break down my higher value cards into a bunch of low value ones if they are all on my wishlist. (i.e I have no problem trading you a $100 card for 100 $1 cards as long as they are all on my wishlist.) This is so I can complete my EDH decks, so I am totally ok with it.

For trades:
I will try to go as close as possible to equal value based on the prices listed on this site. A few dollars difference either way is fine. If there is a huge difference in price on this site vs other sites, let me know and we can review it together.

For Sales:
Most cards are individually priced based on fair market value. If you have a question about a price or see that something is significantly off, message me and I will be more than willing to work with you to correct it. Sometimes I just miss a price change, card prices fluctuate pretty frequently. With that said, if you see a card I have listed for sale way under market value, I probably missed that in a price spike too. Let me know before placing your order. Deckbox doesn’t let us review potential orders before accepting them, so be warned I will cancel your order if you are trying to snipe cards from me that you know have just spiked. If there is only a few percentage difference, that’s fine, but I’m not going to sell a $50 card for $15 just because I missed a price change. Don’t try to be “that guy/girl”. Again, I will cancel the order and refund you your money.

I load in lots of thousands of cards at a time and I default them at NM, (because most usually are) so not every card may be accurately graded. If trading, I will verify the condition of my cards and alter them accordingly before accepting the trade (please verify the condition of your cards before trading as well). For sales, if you want me to check them, please ask before sending payment. I don't mind doing this at all. Deckbox, however, won't let me go in and alter the conditions or prices after you have paid so please ask before paying if conditions need to be exact for you.

I am willing to ship anywhere in the USA. Also, I live in the Montgomery area of Alabama, so I am willing to meet up to do face to face trades/sales anywhere within 25 miles if that is preferred and you want to save on shipping.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

UPDATE: Please do not dispute orders without communicating with me in the order chat first. I do NOT get e-mails from this site. PayPal almost always sides with the buyer and I’ve had orders I have sent out and then got disputed and lost the money and cards. If you are going to order cards, please COMMUNICATE! Thank you.

Happy trading!!!
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