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Brock and Kayla Pulling (Islanzadi38)
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United States - Virginia - Virginia Beach
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Brock started playing MTG during the Ravnica: City of Guilds (1st Ravnica) expansion and has been playing competitive since Avacyn Restored (when Kayla got into it). With that said, most (but not all) of our collection is either cards we have purchased for past decks and still have or cards we have acquired post Ravnica. Anything on our tradelist is up for trade, but we do have a few signed cards that you will have to give us extra value on to get. We will give extra value for signed ones as well. If you are buying and see a card for higher than you think it is worth we could have just missed it in our monthly price checks, please feel free to message us about it! Keep in mind postage really isn't worth it for us if its a trade under $20, so unless you have something that is hard for us to find, sorry we probably aren't willing to trade for that low of an amount.

Most of the cards on our wish list are for EDH decks we’re building, but we do also play standard and modern so there will sometimes be cards from those formats as well. If you see something we have that you want but don't have anything on our wishlist, that's fine. Just propose a trade and we will go through your tradelist and pick out close to equal value. We don't mind trading up, down, or across on card values as long as the totals are close the same. If you want a bunch of cards we have and want to give us one or two cards that are same value we’re fine with that. We are also willing to break down our higher value cards into a bunch of low value ones if they are all on our wishlist.

For trades:
We will try to go as close as possible to equal value based on the prices listed on this site. A few dollars difference either way is fine, but we’re not giving out value for free nor expecting it in return. (Though if you want to give us more, we won't say no, lol.)

For Sales:
Most cards are individually priced based on fair market value. If you have a question about a price or see that something is significantly off, message us and we will be more than willing to work with you to correct it. Sometimes we just miss a price change.

We process so many cards that most get loaded in as near mint by default. If a condition is loaded as something other then NM it really is, but NM might not be accurate for all cards (especially older bulk). If trading, we will verify the condition of our cards and alter them accordingly before accepting the trade (please verify the condition of your cards before trading as well). For sales, if you want us to check them, please ask before sending payment, we don't mind at all. Deckbox won't let us go in and alter the condition after you have paid, so ff you don't ask us to verify, you accept the liability of a card not actually being NM when you receive it, even if it was listed that way.

We are willing to ship anywhere in the USA. Also, we live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia so we are willing to meet up to do face to face trades/sales anywhere in the 7 cities area if that is preferred and you want to save on shipping.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.

Happy trading!!!
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Wheel of Fortune
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Ball Lightning
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Colossus of Sardia
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Kalastria Highborn
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Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
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Bojuka Bog
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Teferi, Time Raveler
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Gideon Blackblade
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Dovin, Grand Arbiter
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Fracturing Gust
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