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I speak english and french.

I sell/trade my cards.

Feel free to ask me any question and discuss any kind of deal if necessary.

If you want shipping with tracking, you will have to pay the extra cost and I'll ship with tracking.

disclaimer; if there is a BIG price change in a card being sold, I will cancel order to readjust price($3+ usually), I don't pay attention to my pricing constantly
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Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
1 $47.95Add to Cart
Land Tax
1 $30.53Add to Cart
Cabal Coffers
1 $26.52Add to Cart
Mox Amber
1 $25.86Add to Cart
Grand Abolisher
3 $23.22Add to Cart
Esper Sentinel
1 $22.09Add to Cart
Mind Stone
1 $14.02Add to Cart
Hero of Bladehold
1 $13.42Add to Cart
Champion of the Parish
4 $10.80Add to Cart
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