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I'm primarily a Commander Player/Collector, and looking to polish off a few deck ideas.

It may take me a day or two to get back to trade requests. I don't do much trading on here, so please be patient if you send me a trade proposal.

If you've got a lot of Legendary creatures on your tradelist, don't be afraid to send me a trade request for a lot of little things. I love collecting Legendary cards, and it's certainly a way for me to trade off a lot of my bulk.

The Secret Lair Plains and the Secret Lair Crystalline Sliver on my tradelist are each still in their original wrap.

Commander Decks I've Built:
Dina's Tea Time (Dina, Soul Steeper; BG Aristocrats Lifegain)
Queen of the Damned (Liliana, Heretical Healer; Mono-B Liliana Tribal)
Best Buds Forever (Rograkh & Akroma Partners; RW Voltron)
Legends of the Weatherlight (Sisay, Weatherlight Captain; WUBRG Legends Tribal)
Fey Flash Mob (Oona, Queen of the Fey; UB Faerie/Flash Tribal)
The Tinker Shop (Breya, Etherium Sculptor; WUBR Artifacts)

Commander Decks I'm Building
Veyran or Neera Spellslinger
Alesha Combo
Atraxa +1/+1 counters

Special trades looking to make:
My Farewell for your Showcase Farewell
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