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29-Nov-2019 17:34
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KMK has been suspended from trading on deckbox. They are not allowed to open or accept new trades or orders.
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Hi All,

Been hearing about a lot of missing packages lately, i'm no longer trading. Will finish off whatever trades I am working on right now and then retire from deckbox (mail trading). Much love <3

MY INFO ~ Updated 9/24/2019
I'm American! I moved to Canada in 2018 as a way to restart my life free from the past.  I really enjoy photography, hiking, and travelling.

Magic is such an addictive game.

Trading has slowed down, mostly because Modern Horizon is REALLY REALLY expensive.  I love collecting foils, but the prices they are now are just not affordable for me.  Now I have foil decks with non-foil modern horizon stuff in it.  I can't stand it :(

I question whether I can continue with my hobby with all these outrageous prices.

Have to head back to the USA...I may not be able to respond to trade requests for a short time. Sorry folks!

Started on a new project. *seeecreet *... okay heres a little clue.. its got tentacles! hehehe!

Been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but I’m back with some interest in war of the sparks cards! Especially the Karn-father! Help me create a better world for all :)

I apologize everyone, all my random trade requests!!! I've been trying to build a bunch of modern decks and opening up a bunch of tradesies.  But i've run out of cards to trade!!! So i have a bunch of half built decks.. hehehe! Then theres EDH!! Sorry for the weirdo rant! I'm such a goober!

Today I picked up one of my packages and got a surprise! One of my frequent trading buddies gifted me a foil terastadon! <3 I'm so happy!

I splurged :( I found this neat little pauper deck ... LAND DESTRUCTION!! omg, i couldn't wait and bought the deck!! eek! There goes my monthly shoe budget :( :(

Found a new place to rent! Please send cards to my new address starting March!

Thankies deckbox community!! You people rock!! I was able to build my first modern deck by trading (UB mill). Thankies to all the wonderful people that help trade me the cards I needed to finish it off! This gal couldn't have done it without y'all! <3 <3

I'm at a crossroads right now as to whether i should quit playing magic or continue to make my cute collection a bit smaller.  Please don't be offended if i cancel any trade requests as I'm still not sure what I want to do. Thankies! <3

I'm trying to build a UB mill deck!! yay! My highest priority right now will be trading for these cards. EDH deck building is on hold for now unless its for shiny shiny lands ***glitter power rules above all!!  :)

Back in business! I think i have my inventory and tradelist up<3to<3date... *cross fingers*

I was updating my tradelist and I accidentically wiped out my entire inventory *cries*

I'm getting pommeled playing standard dimir :( Its time to trade away the deck and get back on the UR fever train!! Jeskai hehehe... please trade me your cash goobermoocows, aka Teferi. Much love <3

I just finished two amazing trades with two very easy going Canadians ~~~thankies you sirs rock!!!

My first trade (international) attempt on this site looks to be going down badly.  Losing a really expensive card ($100.00 !!!!) from my collection is been a total downer! For the time being, my trading will be limited to within Canada.  If you would like to use tracking, thank you! However, please confirm with me if you wish to use signature confirmation as I am always away from home for extended periods of time and I would like to ensure I will be around when the package arrives to pick it up.  Much love! Thankies!
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