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Kenny Rabin (KRabin123)
United States - California - Claremont
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Reddit MTG Trades, MTG California, Foil Traders
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I have lots of gold bordered cards if you are interested. These range everything from City of Brass and Karplusian Forests, to Recurring Nightmares, Survival of the Fittest, Wrath of God, Armageddon, Birds of Paradise, Undiscovered Paradise and many others. These are all for trade.

I have a bunch of good proxies that I had made for EDH use as well as testing, I'm happy to trade these away at about 2 dollars for card - I have a copy of everything OG dual and some other legacy stuff like force of wills, snapcasters, liliana of the veil, etc. I also have a few foil proxy, alternate/full art  OG dual lands, please ask if you're interested

I also have TONS of foreign cards of all editions and all rarities (except standard) If you like foreign cards, I am more than happy to trade some your way.

If you have any foils that are EDH/Cube playable, I'll likely trade for them.
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