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James Meyer (Kei_Asaki)
Canada - British Columbia - Maple Ridge
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Reddit MTG Trades, Canadian Traders, Commander Trading, MTG Market
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Fair trades are best.  I like both parties to be satisfied with the deal.  I expect quality as advertised, or same quality I provide.  I will trade to the US, but not outside North America.

****If you propose a trade without naming it and/or without saying ANYTHING, I will ignore it until you say something. If you want to know why, imagine you're doing a face to face trade and someone pulls stuff out of your binder, then just stares at you. That's what it feels like. I'm pretty easy to deal with, so long as you communicate.****

**** I prefer to send simultaneously as much as possible.  I have had no reason to amend this and I hope that I will never have to. :)

**** Unless you have twice my feedback, I will not send first. If you are concerned about my reliability, feel free to comb my feedback and check with other users I have previously traded with.

**** If you have 15 or fewer feedback, I will ask that you send first. I mean no ill will by it, nor do I mean any disrespect.

**** Any trade worth over $80 within Canada will require tracking and signature confirmation. This is to protect the contents of the trade for both parties!  It's a bit more expensive, but worth it for peace of mind on both sides.  If the trade is going in to USA and worth $90+, I am willing to discuss tracking.  Generally, it costs approximately $15 on both sides for tracking across borders.

Each new set that comes out, I typically buy at least a box and a fat pack worth the cards, so I will have a decent influx of available trading material.  I tend to enjoy the collecting and trading aspect of the game a bit more than the playing aspect, so don't be shy to initiate a trade if you see something that you need.

I do not have most of my non rare foils listed, so if you're looking for an uncommon, common, or land foil, feel free to ask.  I have them readily available and can check easily.

Lastly, anything currently in a deck is not for trade, period. Some of my decks are terribly old, but have a great sentimental value, due to the sheer amount of time spent tinkering to find a reasonable balance
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