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Adam A (Kelume)
Canada - Ontario - Toronto
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My Continent
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Canada, United States
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Toronto Traders, Canadian Traders, Weds Night Magic and board games, MTG Market
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Toronto resident - happy to make a deal.

Trading: Prefer to trade locally downtown, but via mail (>$15) is also fine. Cards will be sent in toploader and I prefer similar, thanks!

Selling: All cards in my tradelist are for sale; please let me know if you'd like to add an additional item. If you'd like to protect your purchase, please choose the tracked parcel option and I'll add a random foil. Thank you!
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1 $72.00Add to Cart
Ancestral Vision
1 $49.75Add to Cart
Glimpse of Nature
1 $19.00Add to Cart
Sensei's Divining Top
1 $17.00Add to Cart
Sacred Foundry
1 $16.50Add to Cart
Watery Grave
1 $14.00Add to Cart
Temple Garden
1 $13.25Add to Cart
Blooming Marsh
1 $6.50Add to Cart
Street Wraith
1 $6.00Add to Cart
Bloodline Keeper
2 $6.00Add to Cart
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