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My wishlist changes often because I construct/deconstruct EDH decks relatively often, because of that I generally will not trade for cards that aren't on my wishlist. I will entertain trades for value (such as you wanting cards from me and willing to trade RL cards) but 99% of the time my only wants in a trade are in my wishlist.

I have a lot of shocks but usually I will only trade shock for shock or random cards I need. Please if I make an offer don't ask for 5-6 shocks in exchange if you have other cards on your wishlist that are on my trade list. I'm usually willing to part with 1 at a time but it's obnoxious when I have other cards on someone's wishlist and they only ask for shocks instead.

Trades over 25 USD will be tracked. If you have a lot of feedback on here I'll understand if you don't want to do tracking but I view tracking on my end as better security.

Trades under 25 USD will be PWE.
Trades 25 USD and over I ask for tracking on both sides, Trades 40 USD and over I'll require tracking on both sides.
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