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I have played and collected Magic since the mid-90s. I am a little less active in trading now (2021) than I have been in the past, but if you see a trading opportunity then feel free to hit me up about it. The problem is that I am mostly away from my cards and will only have access to them every now and then. I'm happy to arrange trades when I am able to send things out though.

It's important to note that I do care about condition. I usually ask to verify condition before completing a trade, but if you make an offer to me then try to be honest about condition of the cards. I will typically only trade for NM cards, so if I specify then you should probably verify that your cards are NM.

Please package properly so that cards don't get damaged. It's not fun for either party and it's generally easy to avoid. One of the more common issues I've seen is allowing tape to come into contact with an unprotected card. Make sure there is a sleeve layer between the card and the tape and it'll greatly reduce the chances of a problem. 

For trades below $35 in value, I prefer to use regular envelopes unless there are too many cards involved. I'm less excited about making trades in the $35-60 range because the shipping ends up being a little more (%-wise) than I'd like, so the trade will have to be especially appealing for me to go for it. I'm happy to do bigger trades.
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