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Just starting out and I haven't finished uploading all my cards, especially any of my haves. Although I'm relatively new to deck box, I've been trading on Pucatrade for a few years now so if you want to add pucapoints in a trade, Id be okay with that depending on the trade. Also I usually give people 2-3 days to respond to a proposition but if you show no signs of activity, then I will most likely cancel it. If you want to reinitiate it, go ahead, but they may be gone.
I am very particular on condition. If I requested a NM card, I expect the card to be NM. If you have any concerns or questions on the condition of your card, just let me know. If you find a card you listed as NM is not NM, I expect you to let me know, we could probably make a deal.
Currently looking to build Atraxa Superfriends
I have some sealed FTV: Transform if you're interested. I am willing to open a FTV Transform to trade some singles from it but only if I can trade all cards off at the same time.
I have a foil Unstable Forest that I'd be willing to trade for 25+ assortment of non foil unstable land.

Also looking to get a KTK Flooded Strand for my KTK Windswept Heath+value
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