Gareth (LovesTha)
Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
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10-Nov-2022 09:48
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Australia, United States
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Just started trying to sell off some of my high value stuff. If you are interested in buying anything else I have listed just message me and I'll add a price for it so you can buy it. Willing to sell internationally, just ask and I'll figure out a shipping option for you.

I'm a L2 judge who does a bit of travelling to regional GPs and such.

You'll notice I have a few German Duals listed as wants, these are wanted in the FBB form and I'm willing to trade up my current English revised ones when trading for the FBB.

Very happy to trade off stuff for Modern Masters boosters (either a whole box or individual packs)

Note the things I have more than 1 of listed as wanted, they are my preferred filler cards, if a trade is mostly them I'll be needing something with a flag against it to bother with the trade.
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