Zachary Schuyler (LtEntropy)
United States - New York - Herkimer
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25-Mar-2021 00:15
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Please let me know when:
- You want pictures of cards.
- You want tracking for trades under $30.
- You don't want to trade between formats.
- You use another site's prices.

I will almost always:
- Send first.
- Put in an effort to finish a trade when offered.
- Not care about losing small amounts of value off of trades.

I'm willing to ship internationally because this is a hobby to me and getting international mail is neat.

I play only EDH. What appeals to me is solely within that format.

I'm generally easy going. I like being offered trades and I'll look through your tradelist even if the initial offer doesn't work. I'll send first and ship with tracking when asked or when the trade is over $30. I won't get hung up on losing less than $2 of value on a trade so long as I get something I think is worth it.

Condition is not a huge concern for me. If it is for you, please be aware that I list my cards at 'slightly played' by default because frankly I'm not going to rate every card of mine's condition UNLESS it falls below that, such as having dents or is beat up etc. My cards have all been played in sleeves and are generally in good condition Not mint condition, but not crap. I'll be glad to send pictures when asked.

I generally rely on the site's prices to guage value as far as trade on this site. If you use TCG or any other price service I'll try to keep that in mind, but my default is whatever DeckBox says.

Finally, I collect legendary creatures so I'm always willing to trade for them. Just don't throw a bunch my way for an expensive card of mine.
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