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Hi! Currently on the hunt for a few APAC and Euro basics. If you've got them, please hit me up! I'm not a stickler about condition, but I'll hold you to what you say it is. I also have no strong preference between foreign and English cards. As far as trades go, I'll work with you as much as I can. I don't always love the prices on this site, so I'll tend to slide towards the TCG prices since that's what I use in paper.

Currently, my card conditions are all set to NM. In the interest of uploading my trades more quickly, I did not grade my cards. If you'd like, I'm happy to provide pictures of any cards you're interested in!

If I'm trading down, I'd prefer to be receiving above the value that I'm trading, since typically trading up is more difficult. I try and keep myself to the same in reverse.

See something you like on my tradelist? Shoot me a message and we'll talk!

If I initiate a trade with you and don't see a response within a day or two, I'll cancel the trade. No offense meant - I just prefer to work on trades that  are more likely to work out. If you need to think an offer over, just let me know!

Highest value trade so far: $395
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