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I am a collector for decades now. It's time to trade some cards away and get missing cards back into my collection.

I am only interested in getting ENGLISH cards. I do have a few GERMAN cards to trade away as well if you are interested.

It took me a while to rate ALL of my cards condition. So I do expect to get cards condition from my trading partner as well. You can imagine, you cannot be 100% accurate to rate thousands of cards. What I will do is to double check conditions before shipping and let you know if a cards condition deviates.

I am pleased to meet a lot of you guys here and make some useful trades for both parties.

Regarding selling. If somebody is just looking for cards that spike a lot and tries to buy, I am honestly not intrested to sell and will cancel those orders. Fairness should be priority whithin this MTG community!
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Sword of Kaldra
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Noxious Ghoul
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Aggravated Assault
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1 $38.70Add to Cart
Ruby Medallion
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Mask of Law and Grace
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Mogg Salvage
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Grinding Station
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Calming Verse
1 $30.25Add to Cart
Little Girl
1 $28.98Add to Cart
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