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Thank you for coming. You must be wondering why I've gathered you here today.

Hello all, my name is Magnivore. You may be able to guess my favorite Magic: the Gathering card; Storm Crow. I'm just some dude looking to trade come pretty cardboard to other dudes regardless of gender.

Note about trading with me: I'm a huge stickler for condition, so I ask that cards be in the best condition possible. I will mark my wishlist with mint because I want the cards to be that good of condition. If there are marks on a card then please don't put that one up for trade or included in a trade if, for example, a condition isn't stated. Likewise, I will list things as they are. If I feel something is marked slightly then I will list it as such, and if I feel something has no flaws then I will list it as such. I have a handful of cards from very old sets that are marked mostly as lightly played or worse. I'm not so good at classifying how damaged a card is so if you'd like to see pictures of something then please ask.

As far as playing Magic goes, I usually like weird win conditions. Below are some decks that I'm working on and I would always appreciate feedback and ways to improve the decks. If you are wanting cards and are down on the trade in value, I will consider trading for staples of formats I play and/or expensive cards as long as I don't have a lot of them already. When I say expensive cards I mean I won't overshoot the trade at your expense, just cards that have a lot of monetary value.

It's not that I don't want anything, it's that I don't know what I want. Please open a trade with me if you find something of mine you like!
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