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My Wishlist and Tradelist are both pretty dated (I've sold and traded a lot of cards locally) if you're interested in something feel free to message me and Ill see if i still have it.  My most current needs are fetches.  Shock lands are more of a place holder, I'm not actively trying to trade for them.  I may trade reserve list cards for cards that aren't RL, but I will expect a pretty high premium.

- Trades under $25 will be sent sleeved and top-loader in standard envelope.  Over $25 will be shipped in a bubble mailer with delivery confirmation.  I expect the same thing in return.
- If you have less half my feedback or negative feedback, I may ask that you send first. 
- If you’re interested in something of mine, open a trade and leave my side blank.  I prefer to just look through lists as my wants change a lot faster than my Wishlist does.  Most anything on my Wishlist that's around $3 or anything marked as poor condition are just a filler/reminder.  I'm not actively trying to trade for them.
-      CONDITION MATTERS!  Please verify condition prior to mailing. I expect the cards I trade for to be in the condition you list them as.

Most all my cards will be slightly played (sleeve played) to near mint.  Typically, I'll be trading for cards in these ranges as well (older cards, rare cards are usually the exception).  I grade my cards according to Star Cities card condition guide (http://www.starcitygames.com/pages/cardconditions) please use this guide as well.  I often trade for cards that will be part of a collection, or trade for cards that people are looking to purchase from me locally. So again, condition matters.  I will scan or take pictures of any card upon request.

In addition to what's on my trade list, I have most commons/uncommons from all of  Urza block, Mercadian mask, Nemesis, 4th, Revised, Fallen Empires, Dark, Chronicles, Iceage, and a bunch of other sets.

My only neutral here was given because I was rude to a lying, POS here.  He told me multiple times over the course of 3 weeks that he had shipped cards when he hadn't  At which time I threatened to report him to his school for using a school email account to defraud me.  At this point his mom stepped in (yes, his mom emailed me directly lol).  She's the one who mailed the cards in the end.  Apparently he's was just some under age kid. Which is in violation of this sites terms and conditions.  Frankly it was BS he didn't get a negative, or banned for repeatedly lying and for violating this sites terms.  At the same time he was lying to me, he was lying to another user as well.  I know this because I was talking to the other member at the same time.  Oh well, guess the mods are soft on children who try to rip people off.
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