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I love this game and often play only on the weekends and when ever I can find good play groups.  I have been recently digitizing my collection.  and came to this site because of the trading aspect.

I'm willing to trade nearly anything I own for anything I need.  Because I tend to play EDH I often shift the cards I own.

My "Standard" Wishlist cards are cards that can help sure up the Trade Price I often sell them immediately.  but they are much lower on my priority most time.  and I might not consider a trade if I'm trading Modern/EDH standards for just Standard cards.  Shocklands are back so that is always awesome.

I have alot of random stuff as well.
I have a Few Sealed Products as well.  if your interested please just send a message.
FTV: Twenty
FTV: Annihilation
Planechase: Night of the Ninja
Planechase: Savage Auras
Planechase: Primordial Hunger
Planechase: Metallic Dreams
15 Dragons Maze Boosters
Born of the Gods Fat Pack

This is a quote from another member.  I liked it so I will use it as well.
I trade on this site because it is easy. Is the pricing always accurate? No, but it generally is good enough. This means I do not use TCG nor SCG when I trade on this site unless there is a huge mistake. There are too many people out there that are going to check each pricing site to find a trade in their favor. I am not going to play those games. If you ask to use another pricing site, I will cancel the trade. Probably even without an explanation since you should have read this profile first. I don't need to trade with you. There are plenty of people out there that want the same cards you do.
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Engineered Explosives
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Maelstrom Pulse
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Assassin's Trophy
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Chalice of the Void
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Serra Angel
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Austere Command
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Rekindling Phoenix
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