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Hello!  I'm on here pretty frequently, so if you propose something during the week I usually respond within the day, the next morning at the latest.  On weekends I usually won't get back to you until Monday. 

I will always respond to offers one way or the other, please please please have the courtesy to do the same.  No need to chat if you don't want to, but if you're not interested please just hit the cancel button and everybody can move on with their lives.

In general, I will trade Standard cards for Modern cards and vice versa, will trade lands for nonlands, etc.  Simply put, to me a trade is a trade.  If you offer me cards on my wishlist for cards on my tradelist of approximately equal value, I'm probably going to take it.  In general, I'm not interested in foils, the markup isn't worth it to me.  That being said, they can be ok if it's a small part of the deal, or if the markup isn't too severe.  Not a huge stickler for condition, but if your cards are MP-HP please make sure they're marked as such.

Trades under $30 I typically ship in a PWE, over that gets a bubble mailer with tracking, but we can work it out.

Swaps I'm interested in making:
My Eventide Fetid Heath for your Masters 25 Fetid Heath (+ value)
My RTR Rest in Peace for your Masters 25 Rest in Peace
My ZEN Bloodghast for your IMA Bloodghast
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