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MrMattsmind (MrMattsmind)
United States - Michigan - Bay City
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23-May-2020 13:31
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United States
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MTG Market, Reddit MTG Trades
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Hi, I'm Matt. I've been playing MTG on and off for years... since Unlimited till  just after Weatherlights. I started catching the MTG Bug again around 2013 and it's blown up now. I've been playing a a lot of MTGO and MTG: Arena (I have a few beta keys left that may or may not work if anyone is interested) ... and playing on the kitchen table with a buddy or two. I imagine soon I'll be fully enveloped in all the goodness my local cardshop has to offer.
Trading on Deckbox has been a fun experience. Making trades, building new decks... way more fun than anticipated. PucaTrade lacks in expectations however. None the Less... I hope we can trade in the future. :D

Recently, I decided to start selling cards. Now, I don't have anything really great up for sale yet. If you happen to be looking through my trade list and see something you'd like to buy that isn't already for sale, simply shoot my a message, and I'll add it.
Shipping on orders I sell will be shipped in a bubble mailer. Buyer pays the shipping. I also reserve the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason. That being said, if I cancel your order, you will get your refund.
It's best to contact before making any purchases to discuss any of the finer points of the sale, also to confirm I have the cards in question and their conditions.

I like to try and keep trades on the even if at all possible. I'm not against lopsided trades in one direction or another. That being said trade in my favor, of course look particularly attractive... but are not a requirement for trades. My cards aren't worth anymore than your cards_



Highest Trade Amount: $102
Most Cards Shipped: 42

I'll ship all cards in penny sleeves and top loaders. They'll be packaged and shipped in some agreeable way... beneficial to both parties. :D

It's a lot of work adding your collection to a database the first time. That being said, I've been pretty lax on my grading of most cards. Most of the collection is unplayed cards, stored in standard card boxes, the more valuable cards in sleeves. Most are "NM"  or "SP" to "MP" and may be marked "played". I am always willing to pull cards and do a more thorough examination and regrade, on request.
Pics are always available at request.

I also play MTGO from time to time... and I am willing to make trades to and for MTGO cards as well.
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Magewright's Stone
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Fishliver Oil
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Dimir Machinations
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Kjeldoran Knight
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Amulet of Quoz
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Phantom Flock
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Clay Statue
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Holy Light
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Argivian Blacksmith
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