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I think I am done trading cards, if anything, it's got to be a sweet trade for some cool card I want on my wish list. Otherwise I will probably get distracted and take too long and not make the trade. I am sorry, life happens.

Come check out Twitch.tv/mtg_lexicon, this is a channel I stream on during the weekends. We focus mainly on EDH, we play physical magic in the same room (though not now due to COVID19) instead of MTGO.

Please when purposing a trade to me, take 1 minute to write something in the chat box to me. Let me know why you want the cards or what deck it’s for. This is a trading/social website. Make friends, talk cards.

I now have a personal goal of owning every dragon creature card in Magic, if a foil is available that's what I want. Currently Collected 199/203

If you have a low ref number I would ask you to send first. When I was a noob on here I got scammed. Now I have earned a good ref I will ask that new traders send first.

Find me on the twitter birds @NickS743
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Diamond Valley
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Teferi's Puzzle Box
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Sylvan Library
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Windswept Heath
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Walking Ballista
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Fierce Guardianship
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Massacre Wurm
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Surgical Extraction
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Rhystic Study
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Magmatic Channeler
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