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United States - West Virginia - Morgantown
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(Note: We are currently looking for cards of a higher value to give away for event prizes. We are willing to trade from inventory for these. A lot of you offer trades of lots of little for a big, and that's cool, but we would like to be the down traders in this case haha. Anyway, if you have a high value card, we are willing to go over price for it in the trade. Just make an offer and we can go from there. Thanks!)

We are willing to trade up or down for any card on our wishlist. Send an offer!

We are over conservative when it comes to labeling the condition of a card. A card pulled straight from a pack will be listed as Good (slightly played). Most of our cards will fit into this category, even if they actually are considered NM. Buy and trade with confidence. Choose the best shipping option. If a shipping option notes that we don't advise that option and don't warranty it, then if your cards show up bent and destroyed, well, we advised you not to use that option and will not reimburse you. Please use a valid shipping option. It's best for both of us, but we did want to offer the cheapskate route lol. You can always reach us at Nerd Rage Morgantown, 223 Fayette St., Morgantown, WV 26505 304-551-2501 and

I also apologize for any shipping delays. Things have been hectic and I'm doing my best to get everyone's orders out as quickly as possible. Please note that shipping can take up to two weeks for bigger trades.
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Concealed Courtyard
1 $6.00Add to Cart
Baral, Chief of Compliance
1 $5.00Add to Cart
1 $4.00Add to Cart
The Scorpion God
1 $3.00Add to Cart
Canyon Slough
1 $2.50Add to Cart
Greenbelt Rampager
1 $1.50Add to Cart
Channeler Initiate
4 $1.50Add to Cart
Cut // Ribbons
1 $1.50Add to Cart
Jace's Phantasm
2 $1.25Add to Cart
Viral Drake
5 $1.25Add to Cart
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