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I started playing back in 07 and have a bunch of Lorwyn and Kamigawa, and a few others from sets around that time. Started re-playing again recently and I'd like to try and get rid of a few cards that I don't use. A lot of the cards inputted should be NM, but I will confirm before sending.
I am mostly looking for black cards, but I have started playing EDH so I am also looking for for specific cards for specific decks (See EDH decks.)
Currently looking for old border Black cards. 90s-2003.

I can trade within country. Depending on the size of the trade, I'll try and do tracking, otherwise it's a plain white envelope.

If there is something else you want thats not on my tradelist, we may possibly negotiate depending on the card. Unless it's in one of my decks, if it's Liliana, or if it's a one-of.

I also have a TON of uncommons and commons that may not be on my tradelist but are also up for trade, just let me know what you'd want.
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