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Christopher Stell (Nesb)
United States - New York - Canandaigua
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Started playing magic during the Mirrodin block off and on, and finally made the full transition from Yu-Gi-Oh during Kamigawa block.  I mainly play EDH and I am trying to branch into Modern and Standard.

I recently found Deckbox through reddit and am hoping to use it to trade cards with tons of people to not only help myself complete decks/collects/etc but to help others as well.

I prefer to do even trades value wise.  If this is a problem for you, then don't offer trades that simple.  With that being said if I have something you want, open a trade and I can take a look through your things to see if we can make a trade work.

If you are seeking a specific condition and would like pictures please do not hesitate to ask, I will get you a picture (generally through imgur upload).  If you are looking for NM on cards let me know and I can confirm for you.

Cards will be shipped in a regular sleeve, then put into a hard sleeve.  I like to be safe so I'll always mail in a cushion/bubbler mail and have tracking, it's just how I am

I have a bunch of full art lands from BFZ that I will trade in bulk for single Unstable Lands, if anyone is interested.

I generally will use TCG Market prices since deckbox prices seem to take a few days to update.

I like to collect Planeswalkers and Emblems.

The Following cards are for specific trades.

MH1: Giver of Runes, Collector Ouphe, FOIL Aria of flame.
WaR: Foil Ugin the ineffable, Karn, the Great Creator Pre release promo (has the stamp)
M20: Leyline of the Void Pre release promo (Has the stamp), Sorin, imperious Bloodlord, Foil Sorin Imperiuos Bloodlord.

What I am looking for in any kind of trade.
1 Arclight Pheonix
1 God-Eternal Kefnet
1 Steam Vents (Guilds of Ravnica)
1 Sulfur Falls (Dominara)
4 Finale of Promise.
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