Two to Twain (Nianque)
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I am open for sell and trade. No trade is too small. I am more of a collector than a player so I will accept most trades as long as they fill in gaps in my collection or increase it's value.

I am also sometimes lazy with my inventory entry as far as condition goes. Some of the older cards especially may be incorrectly listed as NM by default. If you would like to see any cards before we trade just ask and I can upload pictures.

Unless discussed in advance, any trades under $20 will be shipped PWE, without tracking.
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Rhystic Study
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Dragonlord Dromoka
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Final Fortune
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Power Matrix
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Pemmin's Aura
4 $10.03Add to Cart
Aura Shards
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Nalathni Dragon
1 $8.46Add to Cart
Dueling Grounds
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