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Hello All and thanks for looking.  I'm all about being fair and everyone being happy after the trade.  With that in mind-  all the cards on here are set as nm because I didn't take the time to grade them as they were entered.  However, most of my cards are nm.  If you want to make sure any card is in a particular condition just ask and I can check or get you the scans. 

Just a few things;
Please don't be offended if I say no to the trade, it's nothing personal.

If you have less then 20 complete trades I will ask you to send first.

Right now I have planeswalkers on my wishlist because I wish to collect one of each, but they are not high priority.  Therefore, I will value these lower than deckbox pricing. 

I mostly play modern and have very little interest in standard cards unless specifically noted in my wishlist.

If you have rules or wishes on how you want things packaged or when you send, please let me know when you make the offer or before you accept my offer.

How I send unless requested.
$. - $30.    Standard envelope
                  w/ top loader wrapped
                  in blank printer paper.
$31 - $.      Top loader in a bubble
                  mailer with tracking.

My envelopes say Pella on them.
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