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19-Apr-2021 21:10
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I have been collecting since Revised edition with several breaks away from it over the years. 

Please only send English language cards unless I agree otherwise. 

Looking to trade in order to complete sets or create Standard decks.

Happy to send worldwide if the value is high enough.

Happy to photograph cards prior to sending and due to low feedback am happy to send first.

Please note if a card is not marked as English - it isn't but I do not have the language skills to tell what language it is :)

I will always try and respond to all correspondence quickly and amicably.

I am trading quite a bit at the moment with several trades ongoing at once.  If two or more people want the same card I will send it to the person who concludes the trade 1st so please be understanding if I come back to you and let you know that card is no longer available.
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Thran Dynamo
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Sylvan Scrying
1 $3.99Add to Cart
Lotus Petal
2 $3.49Add to Cart
Lotus Petal
1 $3.49Add to Cart
Undead Warchief
1 $3.18Add to Cart
Mother of Runes
2 $2.94Add to Cart
Phyrexian Tyranny
1 $2.49Add to Cart
Rakdos Cackler
2 $2.06Add to Cart
Molten Rain
1 $1.66Add to Cart
Sowing Salt
4 $1.64Add to Cart
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