Anoop Shekar (Odekar)
United States - California - Redondo Beach
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14-May-2021 18:26
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I am a casual player that mainly plays limited.  I create cubes of most sets so I am usually looking for cards that will let me complete these collections.
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Verdant Catacombs
1 $80.23Add to Cart
Enlightened Tutor
1 $45.23Add to Cart
Vedalken Orrery
1 $43.99Add to Cart
Rag Man
1 $20.05Add to Cart
Koskun Falls
1 $19.18Add to Cart
Nightpack Ambusher
1 $19.00Add to Cart
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
1 $18.04Add to Cart
Koma, Cosmos Serpent
1 $18.00Add to Cart
Nirkana Revenant
1 $16.29Add to Cart
Serra the Benevolent
1 $13.47Add to Cart
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