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Anoop Shekar (Odekar)
Premium User
United States - California - Redondo Beach
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25-Sep-2023 23:11
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United States
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MTG Market
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I am a casual player that mainly plays limited.  I create cubes of most sets so I am usually looking for cards that will let me complete these collections.

if you are purchasing cards from my collection I reserve the right to refund the order based on a number of factors (like actual availability or card condition). In particular, if a card is experiencing a price spike or is mispriced on Deckbox vs. other sites please confirm the actual sale value with me before ordering.

If a sale or trade is worth less than $20 I will send in PWE with no tracking.
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1 $18.35Add to Cart
Nexus of Fate
1 $17.00Add to Cart
Goldnight Commander
1 $13.97Add to Cart
Sundial of the Infinite
1 $13.57Add to Cart
Isochron Scepter
1 $11.03Add to Cart
Treasonous Ogre
2 $10.83Add to Cart
Thassa, Deep-Dwelling
1 $9.91Add to Cart
Pact of Negation
1 $9.27Add to Cart
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
1 $9.24Add to Cart
Revel in Riches
1 $8.99Add to Cart
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