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I'm mostly just looking to complete singleton block cubes and a few random modern/EDH/experimental decks. I prefer NM cards as a general rule.

I'm pretty specific about editions of cards. If a card has an edition listed, I generally expect that the edition is accurate. Most of the time it's because I'm trying to collect a set, so I don't really need non-set editions like from commander or planechase. If you don't know the edition, just tell me or don't list the card with an edition and I'll know when evaluating trades.

The vast majority of my cards are NM, but a few aren't. I'll always double check before hitting accept to make sure the condition's accurate. If you are curious feel free to send me a question about any card and I'll check to make sure before you want to propose a trade.
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Jeweled Lotus
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Mox Opal
1 $89.06Add to Cart
Scalding Tarn
1 $60.59Add to Cart
Greater Auramancy
1 $53.06Add to Cart
Fiendish Duo
1 $31.42Add to Cart
Bloodchief Ascension
1 $31.13Add to Cart
Primal Vigor
1 $30.79Add to Cart
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
1 $30.00Add to Cart
City of Brass
2 $25.12Add to Cart
Grand Abolisher
2 $22.87Add to Cart
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