Ed Bielawa (Omnomnominath)
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Hi there! I'm looking to acquire cards for my Cube and also some other weird stuff on the side.

Definitely shoot me a trade if there's stuff on my tradelist you're interested in, even if there's nothing on your tradelist explicitly on my wishlist. I like to trade, make things work, and turn cards we both have lying around into cards we both want.

Please message me when you propose a trade. I usually check Deckbox when I receive e-mails, so I might miss your trade if you don't send me anything.

Most of my cards are either Near Mint (NM) or Lightly/Slightly Played (LP/SP). I usually double check conditions during trades. Deckbox auto sets everything to near mint and sometimes I don't notice wear when logging lots of cards at once. Just ask if you'd like pictures!

I don't really care for sets or languages. I'll take nearly any. However, I'm not interested in trading up significantly for set differences (ie, Masterpieces). I like cards in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Russian and am happy to trade for them, but not at a premium to their English versions. Definitely interested in alt-art JPN cards. Cards for my cube (which is now most of my wishlist) I am only interested in English. I want my playgroup to be able to read them!

Fetch and shock lands are on my wishlist mostly to fill holes in trades or make things happen. Not actively looking to seek them out, but sometimes willing to trade for them.

Interested in old-bordered cards, particularly the TSR ones.

Currently attending college this semester, so I only recieve mail once a week on Saturdays. I have most of my collection and packing materials with me, so I will be able to send your cards in a timely fashion. However, I may be delayed in logging when I recieve yours. Thank you for understanding and happy trading!
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