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All cards listed have never been played with and were put in a sleeve immediately after opening. Am open to most trades.  Any order placed before 3 P.M. Central will be shipped same day with tracking. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Homelands - Booster Box
1 for sale @ $900.00

Fallen Empires - Booster Box
1 for sale @ $900.00

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Marsh Flats
1 $40.82Add to Cart
Sword of Dungeons & Dragons
1 $35.38Add to Cart
Sanctum Prelate
1 $28.19Add to Cart
Horizon Canopy
1 $19.01Add to Cart
Overwhelming Splendor
1 $17.91Add to Cart
Regal Behemoth
1 $17.09Add to Cart
1 $16.25Add to Cart
Karn, the Great Creator
1 $16.16Add to Cart
Saheeli Rai
1 $15.47Add to Cart
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove
1 $14.62Add to Cart
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