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Sol Ring
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Belgium - Antwerpen - Arendonk
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European Union, International, Belgium
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Dem Nooblets Play Friday
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My wishlist and tradelist are 99% complete and accurate, suggest me a trade any time.

Trading guidelines:
My standard method of shipping is bubble envelop with sleeves.
I have top-loaders available on request but kindly ask that you send 1 back.

What kind of cards am I looking for:
- I only want English cards
- Don't like foil cards
- For trading in Europe I prefer trading values above 10$

Bier & Tetten (Beer & Tits)
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Serra Ascendant
1 $22.24Add to Cart
Serra Ascendant
2 $14.60Add to Cart
Sacred Foundry
2 $14.00Add to Cart
Breeding Pool
2 $13.00Add to Cart
Doubling Cube
1 $8.59Add to Cart
Ajani Goldmane
1 $7.10Add to Cart
Quicksilver Amulet
4 $7.10Add to Cart
Coat of Arms
1 $6.71Add to Cart
Wrath of God
1 $6.61Add to Cart
Parallel Lives
1 $5.76Add to Cart
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