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Loot Island (Orlendis)
United States - Massachusetts - Westfield
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READ BEFORE a sale/trade. Failing to do so may result in a cancelled order, and I'll keep 10% for wasting my time. Keep in mind we are a store, we do not play MtG, so we are always looking to trade down. We do however trade up (i.e. 16 smaller cards for 1-2 bigger ones).

## TRADES ##
*Note 1* I am very critical of my cards, so you may buy/trade for a card that's LP to me but it'd be a NM to you. The older stuff I tend to label LP anyways even if it's NM. (Keep in mind though, I need to verify conditions before officially playing an order, because some of these cards listed originally imported only as NM even if they weren't.)

*Note 2* When I trade, I want roughly 20% premium minimum (which is fair considering brick and mortar stores get 40-50%) if it's a roughly even trade. But I overlook this rule if I am trading a lot of stuff, for a smaller amount of higher value stuff.

*Note 3* If you're looking to do a trade less than $20 in value, on top of my normal premium I will be adding roughly $2.50 extra premium to the trade to cover my shipping to you, as otherwise the trade is basically a waste of my assets if I would break even or worse with my premium after shipping. (ex. $15 (trade) +$2 (premium) -$2.22 (shipping) = $14.78. 14.78 < 15 means I would be taking a loss, hence the additional premium below 20.

*Note 4* Please don't fill out your side of the trade, just fill out mine. Either way I'm going to have to look at your trade-list.

1. Minimum purchase of $10 (BEFORE S+H). Not going to search 50k+ cards for a dollar.

2. Open a discussion with me before submitting payment. This will give me time to confirm card conditions, quantities/availability, and provide scans if requested.
***I will send pictures of any individual cards valued $8+ upon request.

3. I ONLY ship in the United States. That's includes only the 50 states.

4. If there is a card you wish to purchase that is on my trade-list but not my sale list, please let me know and I will add it.

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Spirit Link
1 $12.18Add to Cart
Rhystic Study
4 $11.48Add to Cart
Bloodline Keeper
1 $11.11Add to Cart
1 $7.50Add to Cart
Mistveil Plains
3 $4.82Add to Cart
Lightning Helix
1 $4.40Add to Cart
Stronghold Gambit
2 $3.81Add to Cart
Krenko, Mob Boss
1 $3.37Add to Cart
Liliana's Caress
3 $3.34Add to Cart
1 $3.09Add to Cart
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