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Piotr Blaszczykowski (Pblade98)
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United States - Iowa - Cedar Rapids
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Update. 12/30/2019

So all my cards in my inventory are up for sale for the right price

I also would be interested in selling my entire collection for the right price. Make me an offer.


I have been a regular player and collector since prophecy. I mostly play Edh since Scars of mirrodin so I mostly kept 1 of each card from each set.

I am in the process of doing a reinventory of my collection so I'm starting with rares and mythics then I will add commons and uncommons.

I do understand the fluctuaction of the value of card prices and I can not keep up with all the changes as soon as they happen. So with that said I reserve the right to double check prices at time deal is made and will update accordingly.

My typical time for shipping and handling is 2-3 days only because I would 4 10 hour shift days so it can take a day to get it together.

Sales less then $20 will usually go in a plain white envelope, For sales more the $20 or more then 15 cards will always be bubble wrap envelope and top loader with tracking.

I currently only shipping in the United States.

For trades,

If you have sparse to no feedback, I do require you to send first. I do not look at trading in anyone's favor I trust equal value for trades.
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Staff of Domination
1 $40.00Add to Cart
Vraska, Golgari Queen
1 $27.00Add to Cart
Mana Echoes
1 $25.00Add to Cart
Thing in the Ice
1 $18.00Add to Cart
Static Orb
1 $18.00Add to Cart
Summoner's Pact
1 $17.00Add to Cart
Auriok Champion
1 $16.50Add to Cart
Morphic Pool
1 $15.00Add to Cart
Hangarback Walker
1 $15.00Add to Cart
Primordial Hydra
1 $15.00Add to Cart
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