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I am a collector first and foremost so card condition is very important to me.  I will most likely need to see scans or pictures of high value cards.

In the last couple years I've been getting into Legacy and Modern.  I do not play Standard so typically I am not interested in those cards unless they are also played in other formats.

Small trades:  If a trade is worth less than $20 and involves only a few cards I prefer to send via plain envelope with a toploader.  It saves money and I haven't (knock on wood) had any problems with this yet.

Bigger trades: If a trade is >$20 or contains a large number of cards I will typically send in a padded envelope with tracking.

Please be clear about how you plan on sending when we agree on a trade.

***I recently imported all of my cards and they defaulted to NM, I will let you know if the card is not NM while we are negotiating a trade for now, until I update my inventory***
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