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Building a cube and getting rid of all the rest of my tradelist. Deckbox doesn't let me specify some-but-not-all-sets, so feel free to ask if you have something close (but not exactly) from my list! English foils only, non-NM are OK as long as you tell me in advance.

Generally, GP/FNM/WPN/Gateway/Judge Promos > regular set foils > prerelease foils.

Things I won't take: Duel Decks, FTV, terrible artwork.


- If you have under 50 trades, I'd like you to send first. Otherwise, let's send at the same time. I have almost 400 successful deals on this site alone, and people still wait to receive my cards before sending theirs without telling me they plan on doing so.

- I send with tracking on high-value trades, say over $30, and I would like you to do the same. You don't need to send certified mail or anything (I'd rather you don't, because I have a job and won't be home to sign for it), a tracked bubble-mailer is more than enough.

- Please, PLEASE, double-check that you actually own the cards you think you do before committing to a trade, and especially before I ship! I'm often able to renegotiate post-confirmation, but a lot less happy to be forced to do so when my cards are already in the mail.
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