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Pitch35 (Pitch35)
United States - Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh
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I’m fairly relaxed about trading, and am willing to negotiate to reach an agreement. However, I do have a couple of trading rules, as well as some other information, to try to make things go a little more smoothly:

- If you have fewer than 30 refs, or any negative feedback, I will ask that you send first.
- I don’t care how you send your cards, as long as they get to me in the agreed-upon condition. I will use tracking on any trade worth more than $30.
- Please say something in the chat
- I am almost always interested in trading up, or trading for modern and legacy staples.
- I sometimes offer the same cards to different people, and they will go to the person who accepts the trade first.
- I assume that card condition is marked correctly. I don't mind LP for some things, especially higher end non-foils, but if it's marked NM, I expect it to be NM.

Currently most interested in the following, to finish foiling my modern deck:
DIS foil Hallowed Fountain
3x Foil Spell Queller
Foil Scalding Tarn
Pack Foil Celestial Colonnade
Foil Blessed Alliance
ALA Foil Relic of Progenitus
4x ONS Foil Flooded Strand
3x Judge foil Island

Looking forward to making some deals!

Always looking for:
BFZ foil and Unhinged basics
ZEN Island #236
KTK Fetches
RTR Shocklands
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