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Hello! & Welcome!
Let's make some Magic Trades!

I am looking for any and all foiled classic bordered swamps to add to my yawgmoth edh deck - if you have any please throw them into a trade window I am happy to give you full value for them!

I log in about every 2-3 days sometimes.  I am a parent and run my own business so please be patient I will always get back to you.

- I do care about condition
- Please include accurate descriptions of your cards. 
- I will verify set and condition before every trade is complete and expect you to do the same. 
- Grading in my trade inventory is loose. - I don't mind sending photos of my cards before a trade. 

- I am pretty easy going and I love looking at lists.  If you want to trade with me just open a trade, and list all the cards you want!  I prefer to look at your trades myself and pull the things that catch my eye.
- I often trade for a bunch of cards not on my wishlist.  I am always looking for cool cards to add to my collection/EDH decks.
- A trade must be for at least $10 in value each side to make it worth my time.

-Below $20 I am happy to do PWE trades.
- Above $20 I ship delivery confirmation in a bubble mailer.
- Above $100 I use insurance. 
- Less than $30 I am consider PWE simul-send trades only.
- I usually can ship within 3 postage days of trade confirmation. I have a newborn and operate my own business.

We are each responsible for the accurate descriptions of our cards, and safe and timely delivery.  If something happens in shipping we still have to make sure the other person gets their cards, myself included!

---Who sends first?---
-For PWE trades I will only do simulsend. 
-If you have a rediculous amount of feedback and think it necessary for me to send first, I will - however it is definitely unnecessary haha.

Also - I am happy to sell most cards in my tradelist at 10% less than the lowest price on tcgplayer for that specific edition/condition.  Just open a trade and I will set it up in marketplace!

---Noteworthy items---
- judge foil mana crypt I am looking to trade for the full art version from double masters.
- I have a sweet altered Zombie Master for trade
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