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Zach (Preppy)
United States - Washington - Redmond
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I use TCGMarket unless otherwise specified.

Feel free to propose something.  Please don't add cards I am not interested in to trades.  Please do not propose fill-in-the-blank trades: please be kind enough to have a legit-ish trade on the table to work with. I am solely interested in M/NM cards unless otherwise discussed.  I have no particular interest in autographed cards. If there is a specific version identified in my Wishlist, that is because I want that specific version of the card.  I'm generally willing to sell the card if there's no great trade to be had: these are my trades and I don't particularly need them. :)

I'm generally online every day, so am typically pretty prompt.  If it takes me a day or so to get back to you, I'm probably thinking about it or have some other trade potentially involving that card.  But generally I'll try to respond quickly, and work right next to the post office so ship things super quick. :)

I ship cards sheathed in a plastic card sleeve taped in a plastic card holder within the envelope for all trades less than $30-40.  For anything over that, I will use a bubble mailer with tracking.  All cards are in excellent near mint shape unless otherwise noted, have been treated with the utmost respect, and have no scuffs that my amateur eye notices.

I try to treasure and appreciate my cards and hope to get them to you in the same best-possible condition I keep them in.  If something is not marked NM, it is probably something I got in trade. :)

If you have 0-10 rep I will expect that you send first. If you have less than 100% rep, no matter how high your rep is, I will not simultaneously ship under any circumstance. Otherwise, I will expect a simultaneous ship.
For what it is worth, I recommend:
* BCW Supplies Monster 3200 count storage boxes.  Four rows, and great for each block.
* Ultra Pro Card Sleeves Dividers. Tall enough to be seen over the card and space so you can write stuff on the top.
* Ultra Pro Pro black sleeves.  Durable, no need to worry that the pattern will go out of print.  I liked Matte for a bit but they make your foils pretty dim which is lame.
* Ultra Pro Standard Pro-Fit Sleeves: I use these for ship sleeves.  Keeps the card from scraping in top loaders.
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