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Gilded Lotus
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Jeff (Professor)
United States - California - Oakland
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I’ve been playing Magic off and on casually since about 1995, but these days I mostly just draft or play commander – so I’m looking to offload a lot of cards built up over the years for staples and value (e.g. trading up to shocks/fetches/duals).

For the more valuable cards in my trade list (especially shocks and fetches), I’m really only looking to trade for comparable or up (i.e. not splitting a $10+ card into a bunch of low value rares). (I'm generally not trading fetches and shocks away, but I keep a few up in case something great comes along...)

I’m not big on foils, so will generally not trade for them and may be happy to trade mine away (exception: foil commanders!)

I try to mark condition appropriately, but am definitely fallible. If you’re particular about the condition of cards, just ask: always happy to double check and/or send you a photo of the cards in question.

I usually ship cards sleeved, shielded in or between plastic toploaders, and padded in cardboard in a plain white envelope. I’ll switch it up and track upon request or for higher value trades.

I also have a good amount of sealed product I'd let go for trade or the right price:
- Original Archenemy decks (all 4)
- Loose boosters (I'll post soon)
- Booster boxes like whoa (I'll post soon)

Thanks for looking!
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