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Jeff (Professor)
United States - California - Oakland
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I’ve been playing Magic off and on casually since about 1995, but these days I just play commander and occasionally draft. I'm a friendly and open trader, happy to chat on something until we're both happy. (If a trade sits quiet for a while with no communication, I'm likely to cancel - no hard feelings, and feel free to reopen.)

I'm generally looking to offload a lot of built up chaff for staples, value, and random cards for my numerous commander decks (9 and counting!). Not really looking to trade down the more valuable cards in my trade list (i.e. splitting a $10+ card into a bunch of lower value cards), and I'm usually not interested in trades under $10-15 as it's not worth the cost of postage. I’m not big on foils (with a few exceptions), and I may be happy to trade mine / swap for non-foil versions + value. I try to mark condition appropriately, but am fallible. If you’re particular about the condition of cards, just ask: always happy to double check and/or send you a photo of the cards in question. I usually ship cards sleeved, shielded in or between plastic toploaders, and padded in a plain white envelope. I’ll track for higher value trades.

I also have a good amount of sealed product I'd also let go for the right price/exchange:

Loose boosters:
- Conflux x10
- Zendikar x6
- Worldwake x15
- Innistrad x3
- Dragon's Maze x3
- Theros x12
- 2015 Core Set x2

Sealed boxes:
- Archenemy (2010) - all 4 sets
- Rise of the Eldrazi (2010)
- Scars of Mirrodin (2010)
- Mirrodin Besieged (2011)
- New Phyrexia (2011)
- Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas duel deck (2011)
- Avacyn Restored (2012)
- Return to Ravnica (2012)
- Gatecrash (2013)
- Dragon's Maze (2013)
- Commander 2013: "Power Hungry" - Prossh (unboxed, but unopened)
- Born of the Gods (2014)
- Journey into Nyx (2014)
- Khans of Tarkir (2014)
- Dragons of Tarkir (2015)
- Ixalan (2017)
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