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United States - Michigan - Macomb
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16-Nov-2023 19:51
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Hello! Quick note: I do work full time, so please have some patience when trading with me. My life gets very busy very fast, but I do try to check my Deckbox when I can.

If you see something you'd like and you don't have anything on my wishlist, open a trade! Most of the time I'll be able to find something I'd be down to trade for.

I love trading for Inventions and Expeditions, including new Zendikar ones! I'll trade for almost any and all of them. I've been hunting a Crucible of Worlds in particular, but will happily trade for even the small ones.

Thanks to the help of many traders on here, I've finally completed a full set of Eventide! My next collection I'll be working on is Alara Reborn, so I'll happily trade for many of the cards I'm missing. I have no problem trading normally for cards worth a few dollars in the set, but the bulk I'd rather trade for as filler for other trades or in bulk-for-bulk trades.

I do have some sealed product I'd trade or sell for the right price and I'm always open to offers for other's sealed stuff!
Sealed I currently have:
-Japanese M13 booster box
-Crimson Vow draft booster box
-Saviors of Kamigawa booster box
-2012 Night of the Ninja sealed planechase deck
-Izzet vs. Golgari duel deck
-2 Guildpact booster packs
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