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**I will be out of town this upcoming week starting the 20th. Feel free to propose offers and all that, just know I might respond slow or might only respond once I'm home**

Hello! Quick note: I'm a full-time University student, so please have some patience when trading with me. My life gets very busy very fast, but I do try to check my Deckbox when I can.

I play mainly commander but have cards for pretty much all formats (minus the really really old stuff). I'm willing to put trades more in your favor like when trading up, but I do expect the same. Any questions or negotiations, feel free to message me and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Any trades welcome!

I do generally prefer trading RL cards for other RL cards, especially any higher end ones I might have

I love trading for Inventions and Expeditions! I'll trade for almost any and all of them. I've been hunting an Invention Scroll Rack, Ornithopter, and Crucible of Worlds in particular, but will happily  trade for even the small ones.

Feel free to look through my inventory as well for smaller cards to even out trades, as I don't have many smaller value cards listed on my tradelist.

The Lake of the Dead on my tradelist is HP, it has a ton of edge whitening. The Serra's Sanctum would be a beautiful card, but is marked HP due to some water damage on the middle of the bottom half of the card. I can provide pictures of either if interested. By adding it to a trade, I'm assuming you read this.

I'm also currently in the process of collecting a full set of Eventide, and I am currently in the home stretch thanks to trading on here! The remaining cards I need are on my wishlist, and I will happily trade for them.

I do like trading for older packs and sealed products as well, you're always welcome to bring me offers for those! I just ask that they be in nice condition and must be sealed.

I do have a sealed box of Saviors of Kamigawa, that I'd be willing to trade into a different booster box. I'm hoping eventually to come across an Alara Reborn box for a decent price.
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