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Hello everyone, I've been playing magic for over 23 years and have a good sized collection as a result.

I've always wanted to have my own card shop but could never pull the necessary funds together. I have however gotten a job at my local comic shop and get to run everything magic related so it's pretty close.

I primarily use deckbox to get ahold of cards that are scarce in the area for customers of mine so i can trade for pretty much anything (large or small) since all my friends have all sorts of decks they are building in a variety of formats.

Having such a large collection, most of my cards are listed as nm when many of them are from bought collections and have varying conditions. As a result i've made it a habit to check conditions before finalizing and trade or sale.

Don't be afraid to make any offer as i'm willing to trade up or down depending on  the needs and wants of the players in my area. If i'm trading down i try to make it worth my while by grabbing an additional 20% in value and will give the same benefit to those trading down to me.

I ship orders/trades over $20 with penny sleeves inside toploders with bubble mailers. Anything less i use sleeves/toploaders inside PWEs.

Conditions of cards don't matter to me all that much but if i'm trading for others i try to stick to LP or NM cards.
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Dark Confidant
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Dark Confidant
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Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
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Finale of Devastation
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Nalathni Dragon
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Green Sun's Zenith
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Hydroid Krasis
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Vanquisher's Banner
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Snow-Covered Mountain
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