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Matt Knause (Rhazzer)
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United States - Iowa - Muscatine
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I use the following for prices for card for card trades
1) TCG Listed Medium(I will propose trades 100% of the time using these)
2) TCG Market Price if the card was bought out(or HUGE price spike)
3) Deckbox prices
4) ALL TRADES that require tracking will be shipped Friday or Saturday
5) Keep trades above $10
6) I will trade for any quantity of the following at the listed prices.
Any Full Art Foil Basic Land: $2
Mox Amber: Non-Foil $7.50, Foil $20
Mox Tantalite: Non-Foil $3, Foil $15
Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge: BaB Foil $8|
Leyline of the Void: Non-Foil $6, Foil $15
Leyline of Sanctity: Non-Foil $3, Foil $7
Leyline of Anticipation: Non-Foil $5, Foil $8
Leyline of Abundance: Non-Foil $1, Foil $2
Leyline of Combustion: Non-Foil $0.50, Foil $1
Overgrown Tomb: Non-Foil $5, Foil $9
Temple Garden: Non-Foil $5, Foil $9
Sacred Foundy: Non-Foil $5, Foil $9
Steam Vents: Non-Foil $8, Foil $12
Watery Grave: Non-Foil $10, Foil $17
Godless Shrine: Non-Foil $6. Foil $10
Stomping Ground: Non-Foil $6, Foil $10
Breeding Pool: Non-Foil $6, Foil $12
Hallowed Fountain: Non-Foil $5, Foil $12
Blood Crypt: Non-Foil $5, Foil $9
Flooded Strand: Non-Foil $16
Polluted Delta: Non-Foil $19
Wooded Foothills: Non-Foil $ 18
Windswept Heath: Non-Foil $10
Bloodstained Mire: Non-Foil $18
Arid Mesa: Non-Foil $30
Marsh Flats: Non-Foil $30
Misty Rainforest: Non-Foil $45
Verdant Catacombs: Non-Foil $50
Scalding Tarn: Non-Foil $60
I trade for foil fetch/shock lands all day long, if you want the non-foil+value, that can be arranged.

I will always double check condition+availability before confirming a trade(please do the same)

Few ground rules for trading:
1. I reserve the right to refuse any trade for any reason.
2. All cards are listed in their current conditions(Using SCG condition guide)
3. If paying cash for cards, buyer pays first. NO EXCEPTIONS
4. Shipping to US/Canada Only
5. I will trade big ticket cards for smaller cards if the trade is in my favor significantly(25%-35%)
6. I will not trade modern/legacy cards for anything currently in standard(Few exceptions will be made)
7. All trades over $40 get put into top loader+bauble mailer with Tracking, Everything else in PWE
*PWE get sent out next day, Bubble mailers all get sent on Fridays

Mistakes happen to the best of us and I will not harass you about it, just make it right and I will do the same. No reason for negative feedback to get dropped on someone for something simple. I try my hardest to make sure that will not happen, so don't sweat it so bad if a screw up happens.

**ALL TRADES will be shipped Friday or Saturday**
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