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eric wiehle (Rydon)
United States - Minnesota - Pine City
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Really only trading in the US right now. I will occasionally ship to Canada if the trade is right. I mainly mail in toploaders and regular envelopes. Willing to ship in bubble mailers if the value of the trade is high enough. If you have less than 20 completed trades then I will likely ask you to mail first. Please don't take offense, I just want to trade safely.

My wants list is always being updated and is quite a large list. If you would like to know what my highest priority wants are, you can take a look in the trading post forum. I am always posting new threads and updating with my priority on wants. I'm always interested in foil basics!

Please also note that any cards in my wishlist that have the set unmarked are the lowest priorities. Usually being cards that I want some amount of extras for multiple decks.

If you want to trade with me, just open something up and we will see if we can work something out. Have fun and happy trading =)

Currently starting to trade on PucaTrade as well. Here is my referral link, use it if you like. Free points for both of us =)
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