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New to MTG - wanted a hobby so I took up collecting these cards.  I thought I would join DeckBox to do some selling/trading.

I'm mostly just collecting to complete editions.  I'm starting with some of the newer editions and other ones that catch my eye.

I still have a lot of common/uncommon cards to catalogue.  I have not bought a lot of new, but plan on doing so off and on so I will update this as I go.

NM is not Mint. NM can have up to a couple spots of white on the edges and may not be centered on the card.  The cards come directly out of new packages this way sometimes.
I have decided that trades with those who ask for cards with 0 defects (Mint) are not worth the time regrading as my highest grade is NM - maybe a few MINT from the few new boxes I've opened, but I am grading those as NM also.  I will verify grade before trading.
So, some of the older cards I have may fit the "Lightly Played" category according to some - there are many interpretations of what grade is.

I will do my best to package and send as specified in the "rules" here and what other individuals have specified they do.  I will mail PWE with top loaders/ Team Bags, Penny Sleeves, and no tracking for any trades under $20 - anything over $20 will include tracking and be sent same as above, but in a bubble mailer also.
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Bruvac the Grandiloquent
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Treasure Vault
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Undermountain Adventurer
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Conjurer's Closet
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Treasure Vault
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Ebondeath, Dracolich
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Tyrranax Rex
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Muxus, Goblin Grandee
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